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Yes, it was fun

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Yes, it was fun.

I never got totally involved in the naked body hype, but I had great fun to see it. In that way, it was my cup of tea, but I was three to four years younger than the generation of the counterculture = collectively refusing to grow up=collaberating sociëty as it is, while not bothering about what the alternatives should be.

Smoking herbs should bring the answers at a silver spoon.

But two years befóre the first naked men and women run over the streets, I did skate on ice in the open field ice skating rink
with just swimming trunks (and skates of course).

I do have a digital picture, so if someone wants to see it at h2g2,
I'll need help to mail it, because I would not know how to do it myself.
I'm better in abnormalities than normalities..

Greetings from cold and dark Amsterdam

Yes, it was fun

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Yes, it was fun

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Photo has been long enough at my paintings-blog, so I will remove it.

Greetings from Amsterdam,


Yes, it was fun

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

So sorry I missed this, my son has been home for three weeks due to Easter holidays and I wasn't on pc much last week.

smiley - sadface

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Yes, it was fun

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