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The Traveller

Very good your article.I remember doing The Odyssey at school.Very exciting stuff.What confuses me is that in some versions of the story the hero is called Ulysses and in others Odysseus.

Also does anyone remember the cartoon(I think it was French dubbed into English) Ulysses 31 as shown on BBC1.


Odysseus and Ulysses

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Ulysses is the Latin (Roman) version of the name of the Greek hero Odysseus. When 18th century English writers (such as Alexander Pope) wrote of the Odyssey for some reason they chose to use the Latin version of the hero's name. They also tended to talk about Latin gods as well: Jupiter instead of Zeus; Minerva instead of Athena. Since then English usage has been confused and confusing.smiley - smiley

Odysseus and Ulysses

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The Traveller

Ah I,d always wondered about that.I think my favourite bit of the story is when they are trapped in a cave with the cyclops.It really is a thumping good adventure story!!!

The traveller

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