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a girl called Ben

Entry: The Stages of Belief - A937767
Author: a girl called Ben - U148580

This is an entry I have been meaning to write for some time. It forms part of the Uni Project on Belief. A853751.

Comments, questions etc gratefully recieved. As of posting time, I need to add some more sections, but I am going to go back to bed, drink a cup of tea, re-read the Peck, and write up the missing sections, so by the time you read this they are probably there.


A937767 - The Stages of Belief

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hi Ben!

I had a quick run through this. I thought your comments about the traditional views of eight-year-olds very funny. My eight-year-old is at that stage: "why should we do it different? I like it the way we always do it".

One thing caught my eye: "Many lapsed Catholics are in Stage 4". Why Catholics in particular? Why not lapsed Christians?

A937767 - The Stages of Belief

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toxxin - ¬°umop apisdn w,I 'aw dlaH

More interesting stuff, Ben! smiley - smiley There seem to be considerable parallels with Piaget's theories of cognitive and moral development. Piaget studies the child's maturing approach to the rules of games rather than moral principles /per se/ - but the one would appear to serve as an adequate psychological model of the other.

In fact your whole entry seems to be a special case of Piaget's thought. I only wish I had the time to prepare a contribution to that effect, but it would just be academic background rather than taking any substantive case further.

A937767 - The Stages of Belief

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a girl called Ben

Thanks for commenting, both of you. This is derivitive, though it makes no claims not to be derivitive, but I do find the subject fascinating. I think it connects to Pattern-Chaser's entry on Science as Religion, and casts some interesting lights there, and also to Z's entry on Joining and Leaving a Minority Religion.

Gnomon, I think the reason why I specified lapsed Catholics, is that Catholicism can leave its fingerprints on a soul long after the soul has stopped being a Catholic one. However, I take your point about 'why Catholics in particular', and I will remove the sentence from the entry.

Thanks again.


A937767 - The Stages of Belief

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But it still says "Many lapsed Catholics are in Stage IV."

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