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i used to live in a pub called 'The Cricketers', frequented by very big, scary Gypsies, not known for their fondness of cricket, which, as opposed to a simple picture of people playing cricket on the sign, there was a very arty-farty version of a phoenix.

is that odd or is that odd?

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The Wisest Fool

I imagine it's probably something to do with the Phoenix 'rising from the Ashes'. And the England vs Australia test match series is called the Ashes because we got so soundly thrashed by the Aussies in one series that the test match bails were ceremonially burned and placed in a small urn marked as 'the ashes of English cricket'.
Do I win a prize?
OK, so even if I don't, where's this 'Cricketers' pub then?

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oh, that'll make sense.
ta, it's been pestering me since i was 2 and we moved in.
it was in Ash, but it's been demolished.

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