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Often with a large enthusiastic group of people, one person might say "one" indicating that they've thought of a word, but then two others simultaneously say "two". The new rule is simply that instead of the two people who called "two" having to decide who will try to converge with the person who called "one", *all three* people say "one, two, three" and their words. Most likely you've now got 3 words to try to link for the next round, but that's all part of the fun smiley - smiley

We once tried a 3 person variant in which all 3 have to try to converge every single round. We had quite a few instances of two people with the same word while the third had something else, interspersed between huge swathes of trios of completely unrelated words. Once you have 3 random words to try to link, the chances of even two of the three people ending up near to each other seemed to be slim smiley - biggrin.

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A recent variant

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