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Mat Lindsay (the researcher formerly known as Nylarthotep...now he has a name, all he needs is a face)

I've suffered from migraines since early adolesence and inherited the condition from my mother who would be rendered totally immobile by the headaches from time to time. My own symptoms tend to centre around blurring of vision followed by nausea, partial paralysation of the limbs and face and slurring or complete loss of speech. The headaches that follow are never pleasant to say the least. So far the only triggers I can identify are loss of sleep and stress with the possibility of lighting conditions adding to the problem.

I appreciate the fact that this entry delves into the multitudinous symptoms and possible causes. I often feel that the fact the term "migraine headache" is commonly used people tend to assume that this is just a smarting pain in the brain that can be fended off with pain-killers. When my headache arrives it's usually welcome as it means that the worst is over. The fact that my attacks seem to be linked to stress and have partial paralysis of the face as a symptom leads me to fear conditions such as Bell's Palsey in later life.

A Nasty Afflication

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Mag Ratte

You've got a point there.

Too many people assume that pain is the worst part of a migraine - in fact that's the easiest bit to treat.

Even after the painkillers are working, and antihistamine has stopped the continuous vomiting, I can still be unable to balance, unable to read, unable to bear any sound at all, itching, crying nonstop, violent, unable to think straight, and with all the censors off (ie I'm well aware that saying or doing something will offend or hurt, but I lose the ability to care) - certainly in no condition to work or socialise.

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