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kid's classic migraine

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Connie L

When I was still a kid, I could identify a very specific psychological trigger to migraines.

I was a geeky, "indoors" kid who loved spending holidays reading novels, so mention of outdoors activities (mountain hiking being my dad'd favorite) could trigger the worst, full-scale migraines (including loss of half my visual range, nausea, and a terrible pounding headache).
Stress at school, and sports, especially jogging (very boring !), would do the same.

It hardly ever happened again after I could decide for my own outdoors activities (including mountain hiking) !

The only "remedies" I could find confort in were sleeping, and the smell of fresh lavender (any other fragrance/smell would be hardly unbearable).

Beware of sudden onset

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Beware of sudden onset of extreme headache or visual disturbances. These are also symptoms of stroke.

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kid's classic migraine

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