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I know most things about baby anatomy & phisiology, baby growth & development, as i did a childcar course. Im now studying beauty therapy but have thought about doing a baby massage ocurse for about 5months but have not been able to find a college near me so have not been able to carry this out. I searched on google and found Open College UK did them and you do it at home. Im thinking of doing it but not entirely sure. I know most massage techniques and like i said the anatomy & physiology and baby development & growth its just a case of learning how to do it and becoming qualified in it. smiley - biggrin
What does everybody else think i should do? smiley - erm

baby massage

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Mama Baby Bliss do Baby Massage Training courses. More information here: http://www.mamababybliss.com/training

baby massage

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There are many organisations providing training these days. However, the most respected is the International Association of Infant Massage www.iaim.org.uk, which is, as its name suggests, a worldwide organisation which trains its trainers and instructors to the highest standards. They are also involved in research and trainers and instructors also benefit from a programme of continuous professional development. Although baby massage can have many physiological benefits, its primary aim is to encourage bonding between infant and carer, by creating a relaxing environment where they can spend time together and the parent can learn to read the infant's cues, which improves understanding, so helping parents feel more confident and therefore able to enjoy their baby more. As well as this, the IAIM, through their classes, aim to support parents by creating a social network, so that when the course of classes has finished, mum and her baby will also benefit from an increased circle of friends.

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