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Might be worth adding Orcs in the Discworld: Terry Pratchett turning the equation on its head by creating an Orc who while capable of being a psychotic killing machine, prefers the cerebral intellectual life, is gentle, cultured and pacifistic (most of the time) and who can philosophize in "German" with the best of them. Showing the Discworld evolved with time, the previous Orc-analogue were Gnolls, who ticked most of the boxes and were vicious fighters with a penchant for inflicting un-necessary suffering: but who end up as the disc's equivalent of Reservation Indians after human encroachment takes most of their former tribal land from them and they are "pacified"

Mr Nutt

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Gnomon - time to move on

I did mention this orc briefly.

Mr Nutt

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You did indeed, right at the end, and depending on how you read "Unseen Academicals", this is a spoiler. Sorry for the slip!

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