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East Motors - 75 Years of Service

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Many people approach the need for automotive repairs or servicing with often well-founded trepidation, expecting the usual dramatic teeth-sucking of the mechanic before the equally-theatrical heavy breath and the ever-so-insincere line: 'Oooh I can see it's not goin' to be cheap, sorry mate.'

Those of us who don't know a sprocket from a carburettor, those whose eyes glaze over as soon as the technical jargon surrounding 'clutch plates' and 'differentials' starts, those to whom the term 'electronic diagnostic tests' leaves images of burning piles of £20 notes in their head, quite rightly need to choose a reputable, knowledgeable and, above all else, honest garage to turn to.

Nestled in the shadow of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral there is one such bastion of mechanical integrity.

Since World War Two, the same family-run garage has delivered repairs, services and MOT tests1 for the motorists of the North West of England. In 1998 the garage was passed down the family tree into the present owners' capable hands. Karl and Glen Bradburn run East Motors in Northumberland Street, Liverpool. Both are a fountain of knowledge, off the cuff 'Scouse' humour and technical wizardry. East Motors offers repairs, servicing and DVSA MOT testing for cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. The owners will happily guide you through the process and pricing of any required work and those customers with misgivings or just plain nosiness will be offered a cuppa and the chance to sit in the clean and safe viewing gallery to enjoy the sights and sounds of Karl grunting over stuck bolts as he disappears into the well equipped inspection pit or raises your vehicle on the ramps.

Even those with no mechanical bent whatsoever cannot fail to be impressed with the state-of-the-art diagnostic computers and tools that the staff at East Motors use with the ease reserved for those born with Castrol in their veins!

Own something a little different? No fears there either; the Bradburns are genuine petrolheads, from running the Land Rover Off Road Club to being members of the American Classic Car Owners Club, not to mention being founders of a local motorbike rally club, Karl and Glen's knowledge knows no bounds and they will happily discuss deeply technical stuff with the initiated or equally happily point out where the oil needs to go for novice drivers or riders.

All in all East Motors can truly take the stress out of trusting a garage to do a great job at a fair price - here's to the next 75 years!

1The Ministry of Transport Test (MOT) is a yearly road-worthiness test imposed in the UK on all vehicles three years old or older. MOT testing enforcement and standards has recently been taken over by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), an arm of the Ministry.

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