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The Blank Page Book

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Have you ever entered a bookstore and been overwhelmed by the thousands of books on the shelves? Books that cover almost any subject you can imagine, in either fact or fiction. If you look closely enough you may find 'The Nothing Book'1, a 'Moleskine' book, a 'Paper Blanks' book, or one of their offspring. These books have become so ubiquitous that you are sure to find several near the checkout of your favourite bookstore. The covers available include fabrics, complex designs, or a simple colour.

The 'Nothing Book' contains 160 blank pages bound in a hard cover. Unlike diaries that prompt you with dates, or ledgers that demand sums, the 'Nothing Book' gives you a blank page asking only for your own input. Some of the books have lined pages, but none demands a single type of content.

How Can It Be Used?

Your own imagination is the only limit. It can be used as a simple diary (without the expectation of daily entries) or a log book of travel or sports. It could also be a repository of random thoughts that can be reviewed from your bookshelf. A bound listing of major family events arbitrarily2 entered might be useful not only to bolster your own memories, but to share with children as they approach adulthood. It might also be a good place to store important contact information that might be available years after your address book has been lost or disposed of.

It could also become an artist's sketch pad, or a recipe book. In short it can replace all the little notes we jot down on a scrap of paper only to lose just before we need to recover the information.

Why Should I Buy One?

Not only are they useful for your own use, although most of us will not consider such a purchase unless we see an immediate need for such a record, they make an excellent gift. Given to a relative, or friend with the observation 'I know how creative you are, I thought you might enjoy this!' you just might inspire someone to add to those thousands of books we all enjoy.

1ISBN13 # 9780517516485.2Important events such as birthdays and holidays are obvious choices, more mundane events like the sighting of a wild animal or an unexpected visit from a friend or relative might also deserve mention, particularly if they made an impression on one of the family at the time.

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