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Sho - gainfully employed again

As a family we used to pile into the car and zoom off to see the latest Bond film on the first Saturday it hit the pictures.

Except for Live and Let Die which we saw in Elgin during a rather wet camping holiday.

Back then films used to be shown on a loop and sometimes if we were late and missed the bit at the beginning (or it had a good car chase) we'd wait and watch it again. smiley - cool

My favourite car chase has always been the one in Diamonds are Forever, but I do like the one in (I think) Live and Let Die (with the boats). But I must say that the parcour type thing at the beginning of Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig - but now I have a head-cinema going of David Niven doing the same thing which doesn't quite work) is also brilliant. Ditto the car chase in Skyfall.

car chases

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Growing up I was forbidden to watch Bond films at home, my Mum thought they were too violent, but the first I saw was at my mate's Daniel's house for his birthday. It was 'Licence To Kill', and I still consider the tanker truck finale of that film to be my all-time favourite chase. (I did get to see from 'GoldenEye' onwards in the cinema, with 'Tomorrow Never Dies' the first film shown in the re-opened Ryde cinema, a cinema I could get to by train!).


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car chases

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