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Re Master & Margarita, it was suggested to me that Bulgakov wanted to relate the story of Christ's passion because hardly anybody in Moscow knew the story at that time.

I live just down the road from where Bulgakov's third wife lived with her then husband - some top knob in the military - and also the flat where Bulgakov died in 1940 is not too far away. Another of the apartments where Bulgakov lived is a private museum. The walls on the staircase leading up to the apartment are covered in grafitti depicting scenes from M&M.

I have a soviet edition of M&M which I bought in Moscow in about 1980.


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I visited the apartment a few times in the winter/spring of 2003 but sadly tha last time i went (around middle may i beleive) the walls were completely painted over. Yes, completely, not even like in previous times when they left some things alone, framing them in new paint. This time it is universal... I jus thope the rumours of the museum at the top is true as it was always closed when i was there.


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oh yes, and they also dug up patriarch's pond (or patriarchs' ?)


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Does anyone know if any pictures of the murals were saved? And if so, if they are anywhere out on the net?

PS. It almost seems like there's a conspiracy to erase any memories or knowledge of Bulgakov... When I went back to my hometown of Kiev last May, I twice attempted to visit the museum that is located in his old home at 13 Andreevskii Spusk, and twice it was closed for no particular reason. Perhaps third time's the charm, so I'll definitely try again next time I'm there!

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