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Brilliant article.

I'd walked past the Stone many times before someone pointed it out to me. I definitely think it's worthy of a better setting than pavement-level in the wall of a bank.


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Thank you. smiley - smiley

I'm very interested to see what kind of display the Stone is given when it gets moved. It has to be better than at present! I suppose the Stone is going to have to be put somewhere temporarily while the building work is done. My guess would be the Museum of London or perhaps the Guildhall again.

Do you have a theory about why it is so much smaller than it used to be?
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I suppose people might have chipped off bits as souvenirs if it was considered significant (you know what people are like)

And being stuck in the middle of the road wouldn't have done it much good! Also, as it was just left in the road, that might have meant that for a period of time its importance was not as great, so if chunks of it did get broken off, people may not have been concerned about keeping the pieces or protecting it in any way.

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