A Conversation for Things to Consider when Reading Medical Research

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....but I am sure you knew that smiley - smiley This should be taught in schools smiley - smiley Well, just wanted you to know that smiley - smiley Until later....
BCNU - Crescent

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smiley - ta thanks that's very kind of you! if it was taught in school's then people who be able to distinguish real health advice from rubbish on the internet!

But still you can't have everything! thanks a lot...

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jane doe

yes, very good article. i am always amazed at the claims you see on televison and in print when it comes to medical findings. it can get very confusing so it is good to know where to go for correct information and how to tell if the information is trustworthy.

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Thanks Jane! It's nice to hear all the kind words... I think newspapers and magazines tend to only report research that makes good stories not whether it's a useful finding or not.

A lot of websites you find are of dubious quality, they are often made by an indivual or a pressure group with particular views, you have to be careful what you find...

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