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Some Old Hag cracked all Her Teeth On Aspirins

Sin = Opposite & Hypotenuse
Cos = Adjacent & Hypotenuse
Tan = Opposite & Adjacent

If I remember my school days correctly smiley - smiley

Oh, and until now that was the limit of my knowledge smiley - winkeye


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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

That's not in this entry, as it's all covered in the linked from this entry - A476606, Right Angled Trigonometry.

smiley - ok


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cCmndhd Deuce, Thingite Conflict Roboticist, 1s Armored Amphibious Cavalry Division,or The Big Wet ONE

My brother taught it to me as
Tom's Old Aunt | Sat On Her | Coffin And Howled. It was just smiley - silly enough for me to remember, and it was the main reason I passed trig. O'course, I then hit calculus and had to learn it for real, but that's another story.


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