A Conversation for Anniversaries - An Excuse to Celebrate

Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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Day we met anniversary, day I asked her out anniversary, day I proposed anniversary (Sept 11th 2000, thanks), marriage anniversary, day I officially emigrated anniversary, birthdays, etc., etc.

The trick is to find any damn excuse to celebrate an anniversay and go for it!

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Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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Mikey the Humming Mouse - A3938628 Learn More About the Edited Guide!

Plus, it can be worthwhile, and amusing, and sometimes seductive to celebrate more bizarre anniversaries.

The first time we farted in front of each other or saw each other pee. The first time we had sex without a condom. The first time we left a toothbrush at each other's flat. etc. etc. etc.

Of course, the dates for some of these may need to be invented, but that can be half of the fun.

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Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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The day you first cut your toenails in front of each other. Which (as I hate feet) is a biggie that Blues Shark and I haven't got to yet. smiley - biggrin

Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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Santragenius V

Sharks have feet...? smiley - winkeye

Other than that, a few ideas noted smiley - smiley We've only taken it as far as day we first held hands as well as the regulat wedding anniversaries... (smiley - yikes - next one's coming is the 11th one....smiley - love..... how time flies)

Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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Demon Drawer

After all recent surveys show that happy people will live longer so if you can manage to find 365 things to celebrate honestly and happily through the year you may just live forever. smiley - smiley

I agree with Ste a lot of these minor events can be joyous celebrations. Me and FC often reflect on these on the appropriate day as a reminder of why we have got to where we are.

Celebrate as many as humanly possible

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My husband & I went out for seven years before we finally got round to getting married. It seemed a shame to go from celebrating 7 years together to 0 so now we have two anniversaries (& two lots of celebrations)! We are now heading for our 11th year together and our 4th wedding anniversary.

We have passed this suggestion on to many of our friends (who also took their time to hitched) and it seems to be popular option.
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