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Researcher 216673

Ah, anniversaries. A few of them around. Just thought that I would share my method (or my madness) on how to keep preparations secret. The trick is to FORGET most anniversaries. "Oh no, today's your birthday, isn't it? Well you know I didn't forget really but the gift I ordered hasn't arrived yet and I have misalid the card it seems...". Do that a few times, then prepare in secret for the BIG ONE. Of course it means that you are extremely unpopular for a few years, but in the end it all comes out alright! Well, usually. After all, I have been married for, oh I guess some thirteen years now, continuously, with the same person.

Of course, I was "had" by my spouse recently, who would not tell me what she was planning for my birthday, which was on a Saturday. So to make the surprise total she organised the whole thing three days before, and told me that my parents had invited us to dinner. At the last minute, she even threatenned "not to come to this stupid dinner of your parents'". So there, that's two tricks that have been researched.


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Demon Drawer

Actually the trick is to look like you have forgotten but on the actual day to have a great surprise in store for your significant other.

However if you are going to surprise them with a trip overseas try not to have to ask them to bring their passport. However if they are flying down to you using a e-ticket service in teh first place just make sure their id will be their passport.

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