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couple of unrelated points related to the subject

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Hathornefer (ACE) Near miss - isnt that what you'd call a hit

I have a couple of unrelated points related to the subject in question.

Bad breath -- Another more palatable method of reducing the bad breath is sucking on a piece of chocolate which actually attacks the enzymes that create bad breath. (its easy to locate and generally considered a pleasure too)

First kiss -- once the first kiss is over your problems have only just begun. It seems that the first kiss often comes from passion, but the second kiss is where people spend a lot of time wondering if they should or shouldnt, and once the should/shouldnt question is answered it is followed shortly by when and where.

Just a couple of thoughts for you.


Solving problem of first kiss / Tongue piercings

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Solving the problem of the first kiss:

Take your couple's chin gently with your hand and kiss her(him) only with your lips, a great lovely huge making sure she(he) knows you are smelling their hair is a great second move, once you've done this don't let her(him) get away, take their chin again and go on with french kissing.

Revolutioning kissing:

A piercing in the tongue can really make things so delightful for kissing (just to start) that anyone who hasn't tryied it should be called criminals, If you're not sure of it, just kiss somebody with a tongue piercing and you'll find out what are you privating the world from. Don't be selfish, get a piercing.


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