A Conversation for Kissing with Confidence


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Trout Montague

... can be expensive. So be careful.


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these aren't so bad once in a while, kind of fun in a getting acquainted sort of way.


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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

If you're wearing train-tracks then the last thing you want is tooth-clash ... if your teeth clash it means the shrapnel that's adorning your mouth has become impossibly intertwined with the shrapnel adorning your lucky victims mouth ... cue either delicate use of an oxy-acetylene welder or an embarrassing trip to the dentist with your respective parents in tow ... smiley - blush


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I can see how that would be a problem. I never heard of it actually happening to anyone I knew though. I guess they all knew to be careful.


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Demon Drawer

Be particularly vcareful in teenage years if both you and your partner were braces the resulting entanglement may require an orthodontist to unentwine.


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Jimi X

I dated a girl with whom this was a real problem...

It stemmed from her being too ardent in her kissing. Once she learned to relax and enjoy it and really wallow in a good long slow kiss she stopped having that problem.

Passion is nice, but too much is just painful. Unless that's your bag. smiley - winkeye


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Trout Montague

The great thing about the UK's dentistry is that most Brits can eat corn off the cob through a tennis racket without any bother. It's only those without cemetary teeth that need to floss so much to clean out the entrapped detritus.

Braces => tight-teeth => trapped-food => bad breath

I've had to cry off from a snog for same strategic anti-peristalsis only once to my recall ... she was absolutely garlic-ridden.


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