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self-esteem and self-confidence

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I am researching into the above subject area for a graphic design project and need to decide on my target audience. Can anyone confirm to me that a lack of self-confidence is something younger people are more likely to have difficulty with. I need to have factual proof as part of my research so if any young people out there are feeling they have low self-confidence or if there are any experts on the subject please let me no.

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self-esteem and self-confidence

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I think self esteem and confidence loss can apply to all ages. Teenagers do tend to lack in self esteem, although is the most energetic days of our lives being a teenager. Though it is hard for teenagers especially these days, with peer pressure, domestic and family problems behind the scenes, i think teenagers are made to put on a brave face and want to fit in with the in-crowd, by turning to alcohol and drugs to give them the courage and try to fit in with their peers, on the other hand, there are a lot of very self confident teenagers that brim over with self esteem, thus also though may be a face to put on. Different people change, meaning many adults who had a lot of confidence when they were young but really suffer with lack of self esteem and fall into a depression where they find it hard to deal with day to day behaviour, like going outside, speaking face to face with people, they may have everything they need and still suffer from these symtoms, this could even stem from childhood problems at home, school, peer pressure all the issues involved in these topics without boring you and going in to detail. Everyday, most people put on a face or attitude to hide the scars and problems of their lives, and some people adapt to being the person they have become through their face or front, still there are a lot of people who have been fortunate to not to have experienced lack of self esteem or anything related to it. So i think the topic you are researching about will target a wide audience of young and old depending on the angle you are aiming to set it on and what your point is to get accross to your audience. Good luck and i hope to have been of help to you, hope the project goes well....smiley - ok

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