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Empirical vis a vis Theory

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I wanted to know if all that could be created in general formula and
bonding diagrams in fact exist in reality not just theory? I mean it is
easy to draw and paint pills and color chemicals with odor and they
are just the same gop thay always were - latex and thinner, or lacquer and alcohol? What are all these chemicals used for and do they behave in
the ways predictied by the model and laboratory?

Empirical vis a vis Theory

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Not everything that can be drawn exists in reality, but as long as what you draw follows the correct bonding of the atoms in your molecul then theoretically it *can* be made. I work as an organic chemist and have personally designed and made many new organic chemicals that nobody has made before. Carbon can catenate (that is join to itself) an infinite number of times and there are infinite combinations of ways than Oxygen, Phosphorus, nitrgon and chlorine (let alone other atome) can also join to it it a stable compound. Ie. there is an infinite number of possible organic compounds.

Of course if the universe is infinite then they all may be out there somewhere but if we aren't aware of them then to all intents and purposes they do not exist.

As to their uses, most of the ones I've made are merely intermediate compounds constructed in order to make something else that is then used to (after several of these steps) to make the target molecule that you *really* want to make. These are usually designed in my area to be small molecule partners to a biological entity such as a cellular receptor or a protein called an enzyme and are therefore hopefull biologically active as potential drugs or give you some information on your biological entity that you didn't know before (and thereby use that info to refine your drug design). But equally such things can be used as materials.

Their uses are as infinite as their diversity. most however are just useless white powders that sit in our laboratory freezers and turn black after a few years. smiley - smiley

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Empirical vis a vis Theory

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