A Conversation for Baba Yaga - Witch, Crone and Archetype

"she does not ask about the hands"

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Connie L

I remember that was an important part of the story, when my gran'ma was telling it to us.
Baba Yaga was satisfied that Vasilisa did only ask about strange things she had seen outside the house (in "public" places, i.e. the woods), not things (even stranger) that she had seen inside, thus respecting the confidence Baba Yaga had bestowed upon her in accepting her into the privacy of that chicken-legged house.

"she does not ask about the hands"

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

'Or she would grow old before her time' - yes. The public/private aspect of that had not struck me, Connie.

Thanks for that.smiley - magic

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"she does not ask about the hands"

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