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Very timely

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Wand'rin star

The boss has taken a box at Sha Tin on 10th November. If I learn off those bets I'll look as though I know what I'm doing. Thanks muchly smiley - star

Very timely

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Trout Montague

Jammy, oh so jammy.

Very timely

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Trout Montague

You want to earn racing-kudos from scratch?

Right here goes ... I'm assuming you're English and not Cantonese speaking so please excuse me if I'm wrong.

(1) On race day, early a.m., buy both newspapers, the SCMP and the other one - it's got an orange banner. Throw away the news sections and spend the day 'reading the form' in the two tabloid-sized racing pull-outs that you have left. Make lots of illegible notes, especially on the race card tipster's summary on the back. Make sure both papers are well-creased by the time you get to the race-meet.

(2) At Shatin, get one of the long six-race (brown?) betting tickets. You don't have to bet on six races at once (and you might accidentally get into a Lucky 63 which will cost you a minimum of HK$630/- ... see A823204), but just bet on one race at a time. Every one else will be betting on the miniature purple (beginner's) race cards.

(3) Whoop like merry hell when the gee-gees are racing down the home straight even if you can't see what's going on. Then hide your smug grin behind your paper and shuffle off to the shroff 'to collect your winnings', but actually just have a cheap HK$10 bet prepared for the next race, which you can place instead.

Good luck

Dr Trout

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