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Carbonaceous Chondrites

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The Dali Llama

I seem to recall that, in addition to the rocky & nickel-iron types there is a third type, the carbonaceous chondrites(did I spell that right?) which are composed of coarbon, hydrogen ,and other things.

Carbonaceous Chondrites

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Jim Beam (Paddy Velasquez)

Hey there!

There are three types of chondrites: ordinary, enstatite and carbonaceous. Chondrites are characterised by the pattern of circles in their interior.

However, I'm no geologist, so I don't know all of the distinctions between the different types of chondrites. I think it's something to do with volatiles (though volatile in the geological sense, rather than the conventional sense). As far as I know, carbonaceous chondrites have no iron, though others may do.

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