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Legal points on copying from vinyl

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Mikeo the gregarious

While I don't claim to be a legal expert, I know from some experience and a lot of reading about copyright laws. As you mentioned, it is generally illegal to make a copy of a record to transfer to CD. However, there is a get-out clause: this states that if the music cannot *easily* be played in its original form, it is perfectly legal to make a copy to a more convenient medium as the copyright can then be "transferred" from the original to the copy. This may not apply to, say, records made recently, but it may well apply to older LP's, 45's and (if you have them!) especially the old 78's. This "get-out" also restricts you to making a single copy of the record - so no making copies to give to your mates! smiley - winkeye

Happy copying!


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Legal points on copying from vinyl

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