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CD and vinyl differences

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Any word on what exactly the differences are between typical CD and vinyl sounds, other than it being 'warmer' and 'sharper'? You mentioned that the sound waveform looks different, any further info?

Maybe it would be possible to convert from CD-style sound to vinyl-style sound using filters or whatever .. would be interesting to see the result of a blind listening test after doing that ..

CD and vinyl differences

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I have not got any of the mentioned gear, just an Audio CD burner. I got this instead of a PC setup because I wanted to be able to switch between analogue and digital copys. I can do normal CD copying or record from tape and vinyl ..... very useful for my 4-track demos or obscure bands who never made it to CD!!

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CD and vinyl differences

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Jose Minge, Chair and Keeper of The Imperial Deafness, don't you know.

Basically analogue=analogous ie. the sound reproduced on vinyl is a direct comparison (?) of the original sound source. It has reproduced the sound as exactly as possible after transducing kinetic energy to electrical energy (sound source to microphone) back to kinetic energy (loud speaker, recording device etc.) All the sound source is converted and then recorded.
Digital stuff instead samples the recorded waves, taking changes in voltage over time. CD are sampled at 16BIT (65,536 levels of clarity) and at 44.1Khz (44100 samples every second). This of course means that over half of the sound is missing when compared to Analogue. I've written an explanation/entry on digital audio Vs analogue, please visit it and then you can give me suggestions to improve.

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