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No*way calling

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Toto Ach Tresfire (6)

I just want to state, in a brief and (hopefully) smiley - winkeye undesrtandable posting .. the situation in my homeland (www.norge.no) if I by any mistake should end up writing nowaygian or even german, please cut those *feeble* parts out, mr. editor man! !) to the point, which is home education of your little darlings, and let's just say: YES! and give credit to all parents who can. Do it, I mean.. ... here in the "country of the different(s)" (nowaygian 'annerledeslandet') we see more and more parents, esp. framers/farmers, choosing a way of their own. On the other hand, we have the constant growth of prritvae schools. hmm, er, gotta go now! will continue later, he!

No*way calling

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Pinwheel Pearl, GURU, Post Book Reviewer, Muse of Japanese Maples and Owlatron's Thundercat

That made absolutely no sense whatsoever. smiley - ta

No*way calling

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Toto Ach Tresfire (6)

oh, i'm sorry.

you will have to put this fish smiley - hsif in your ear. take that fish, smiley - fish, in your other ear just to be sure. as we say in no*way; skitt fiske! personally, I am trying to "get my freak on" or to be honest: smiley - erm get a hang of the guide, and everything. please accept this smiley - cupcake as an offer and of course "thank's for things" in order to keep the guide better and badder than the one on Skyron in the Galaxy of Andromeda. now I will have to attend my smiley - wizard class! (-; and smiley - rainbow from "blech-blaser" bertold.

erm.. what exactly is 'TA!'?

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