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Kevlar bars were used to stabilise the soles of some styles of Adidas trainers a few years back with the use of the torsion bars. These were dumb-bell shaped yellow plastic bars, fitted in the soles of the shoes, and they helped stop the wearer's foot from twisted over from side-to-side. I had a pair of these trainers, and after spraining my ankle badly, I found these shoes helped stop my foot from getting worse-in fact I'd say they really helped.

Adidas Trainers

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NMcCoy (attempting to standardize my username across the Internet. Formerly known as Twinkle.)

So... do you think they would prevent you from harm if you shot yourself in the foot? smiley - biggrin

Adidas Trainers

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hehehe smiley - laugh

only if you aimed at the middle of your sole...hey-I think I'll try...smiley - silly

Adidas Trainers

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the third man(temporary armistice)n strike)

I shall now bore you on the subject of running.When your foot lands, heel first hopefully, it's meant to roll. If it rolls to far it's called over-pronation and can cause injuries. It's often caused by one leg being shorter than the other. One outstanding marathon runner called Bill Rodgers actually had one leg an inch shorter than the other - this is not uncommon. He only found this out after he retired from competitive running. He coped without realising it, he had a running style which was called The Boston Billy Shuffle. Now they put prosthetics in the heel(s). Maybe that was why Frank Sinatra wore them!smiley - run.
PS Consignia rool

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