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Please Don't Encourage Them

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Steve K.

My wife and I attended a Shakespeare play recently, sat near a woman whose cell phone went off repeatedly during the performance, playing some obnoxious tune. I felt like Texas singer/songwriter Steve Fromholz, who also runs a river tour on the Rio Grande. At night, he provides the entertainment for the group, while probably outdrinking most of them. At the insistence of the audience during a concert, he told the story of a mechanical dancing monkey on one tour, which danced the Macarena while playing its own music - during his songs. Steve did a little imitation of the dance while grumbling "dancing macarena ... f*****g macarena". In the end, the mechanical monkey ended up WAY out in the river, propelled by a Fromholz toss.

The concert audience gave Steve a stuffed monkey with a note, "This is the first Christmas I've spent without Mom ..." smiley - cry I thought he would bust a gut laughing. smiley - biggrin

Please Don't Encourage Them

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Sea Change

And you didn't slap her.

*pauses incredulously, while this idea sinks in my tiny brain*


Please Don't Encourage Them

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Steve K.

The Fromholz approach has more appeal to me ... maybe if there had been a river nearby ... smiley - borg

Please Don't Encourage Them

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fords - number 1 all over heaven

Could have been doing with some of that when I went to see Spider-man...

We were just getting into the fantastic opening credits when this woman's phone went off. She then proceeded to have a conversation about what bottle of wine she'd buy for dinner, started blethering away and completely ignored our demands she turn that f***ing phone off. Just as I was going to get up and shove the thing up her arse, she hung up. Just as well. smiley - steam

Please Don't Encourage Them

Post 5

Mister Matty

yeah, it really sucks when people forget to switch off their mobile phones when going to the cinema. smiley - blushsmiley - whistle

Please Don't Encourage Them

Post 6

fords - number 1 all over heaven

You're just settling down, and then MEEP MEEP! MEEP MEEP!

But stuff happens - as long as you feel guilty for it! smiley - winkeye

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