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wonko the sane

ok so he proved that it was possible to cross the pacific.
That doesnt mean that the peruvians actually did it.
How many peruvians could you find crazy enough to get into a reed
boat and set sail for the horizon,not knowing where they were headed?
And why?


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I think you'd be surprised.. smiley - smiley


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I think it is important to note that the reason Mr Heyrdahl made these voyages, was due to the fact that he could not help but notice similarities in South American cultures and Polynesian ones. I cannot recall exactly what they were, since it has been along time since I read his books. But I do know that i learned, that if you believe something to be true don't give up until PROVEN otherwise. He showed the possiblity exists. Nothing more and that the possibilty will now always exist. If one takes a look at the facial structures of both groups, there is even more similarity. They resemble each other more than that of Pan-Asia facial structure. Just a thought.


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Also with regards to why , why would the Maouri set out from Easter Island to New Zealand, or to Tahiti, or the Tahitians to Hawaii?

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