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Shoofly Cake

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Jimi X

I can't believe I didn't contribute this earlier! smiley - doh

This is a Pennsylvania Dutch classic that has a lot of sugar, butter and molasses. It tastes a bit like that other Pennsylvania Dutch staple Shoofly Pie.

The name 'Shoofly' is a reference to the fact that it's so sweet that you must 'shoo' the flies away while you're baking it and eating it...

I'll call my mom and get her recipie and post back here soon.

Shoofly Cake

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Jimi X

Crumb Ingredients
- 4 cups of flour
- 2 cups of brown sugar
- a half pound of butter

Ingredients for the Cake
- Most of the crumbs from above
- 1 cup of molasses
- 2 cups of hot water
- 2 teaspoons of baking soda
- a 'bit' of salt

- Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (I don't know the C conversion)
- While the oven is heating grease and flour a 10x15-inch cake pan
- Combine the ingredients for the Crumb (flour, brown sugar and butter), mixing by hand so it's nice and lumpy while being evenly mixed
- Measure out one and a quarter cups of the crumbs for the topping and set that aside.
- With the remaining crumbs, add the molasses and 1 cup of hot water, beating it well
- Add the remaining cup of water and beat again
- Dissolve the baking soda in a tablespoon of warm water and add to batter with a 'dash' of salt
- Be sure to mix it all well.
- Pour the batter into the cake pan and sprinkle the top with crumbs you set aside earlier
- Bake for 40-45 minutes.
- Remove and let it cool on rack

Shoofly Cake

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35 years ago when I was a student on a BUNAC summer job in the US my mother's lifelong penfriend (an old lady at the time) used to serve me Shoofly pie and cake as a treat when I was staying there between jobs in Royersford Pa.
I'd forgotten all about it until now but thanks for reminding me of a pleasant time and cake!

Shoofly Cake

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Jimi X

smiley - cheers

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