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I didn't even know about half this stuff but have found myself doing it now I think back.

Also now I must think about what I've got to cut out of my game too.

My favourite type of poker player is the guy who *never* bets unless he has a winning hand. smiley - laugh

They might as well give you all their money at the begining of the evening to save time smiley - winkeye

Nice one

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Martin Harper

That's the problem with poker - if you're rubbish, you probably won't get any genuine help (lots of fake help, mind you!) from the people who are good - ain't in their interests. Same goes for Diplomacy, come to that. The result is the learning curve from hell... smiley - bigeyes


bluffing in MASH

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In the TV series MASH - Charles Winchester the 3rd whistled classical music while playing poker (he whistled louder when he was bluffing).

Poker in Hollywood

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Adam Whyte

The '70s Newman/Redford film "The Sting" features the greatest poker game ever filmed. Of course, it features cheating, which is very naughty. You're only cheating yourself into getting the Buick, the hot girl and the expensive hotel room.

Poker in Hollywood

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

I don't know about this, rounders has a some great poker scenes. So does Lock Stock and Two Smoking Berrals. Althought they play a poker game I have never heard of before.

Let me tell you guys the greatest poker experience I ever had. I was at Canterburry Card Club and I was playing 6/12 hold em. My hand was 6c 7c (c means club) I was in last position and everyone was still in so I raised it. After all I do have what they call a volume hand (I have a good hand to draw to a strait or a flush and if I get it I want alot of people in the pot to pay me off). They all called and the flop came. 4c 8c 8c WOW! I just flopped the strait flush! I knew I had this hand won all I have to do now is get the money in the pot. So one guy bets, 3 people call, and I call. On the turn (next card) The same guy bet 2 people called but this time the third guy raised. I called and so did everyone. Ok the river, this is where I will make my move. The same guy bet, but this time some new guy raised. Everyone gasped, and it came around to me. I thought about making my move and raising but I had a feeling that the original better would do it for me, so I called. Yep he did, he re-raised and the raiser re-raised again. Now I made my move and 5-bet. The three people in pretty much knew I had it but they all called anyway and i showed them me strait flush. 278 dollar pot!

Poker in Hollywood

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Nice smiley - ok

I once lost an awful lot on a similar type of bet, I had four queens. Trouble is, the other guy had four kings! smiley - grr

They're playing 3 card Brag in Lock Stock, not poker. smiley - smiley

Poker in Hollywood

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AlexK the Twelve of Motion

It's still poker, it's just not texas hold em. I mean they still have rank of hands and they are betting money on cards. I think they also referred to it as a poker game in the movie.

You lost with four queens! Ouch, in the card club I go to if you lose with 4 queens you win $100,000. It's called the "Bad Beat Pot" that would be nice to get wouldn't it? You wouldn't feel quite so bad about losing then.

Poker in Hollywood

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Why can't I ever draw to a straight flush??

If I have suited, sequenced cards in the pocket, that's a sure sign that some lucky player at the table is going to get a big whack of my dough. My worst tell is the groan I make when I have good cards in the pocket, in anticipation of losing.smiley - erm


Poker in Hollywood

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I got a straight flush once. Apparently my eyes were popping out of my head so much that someone pointed at me and said "he's got a MASSIVE hand". Everybody folded including one person with a full house. I won about 20 pence.

That's the trouble with them, they're so rare that I was simply stunned at getting one smiley - erm
If I'd been sober it might have helped though smiley - winkeye

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