A Conversation for Younger Dryas - the Ice Age's Last Big Blast

ice age stop destroying our planet or leave..

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i believe that we should all contribute to helping our earth but instead we try to demolish it... i just dont understand!
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ice age stop destroying our planet or leave..

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It seems that we have two alternatives for our current fossil fuel consumption policies:
1) Global warming that eventially will cause a fresh/salt water imbalance that could possibly bring about a premature and unexpected ice age, or:
2) Global warming that becomes a runaway effect that causes enough of a temperature rise that causes even more of a devasting effect that causes ocean temps. to rise to a level that would cause the vast amounts of methane gas currently trapped underneath the ocean floor, where deepwater temps. are currently cold enough to keep it in a frozen ice state. Many scientists believe that this was the final result in a series of disasters that led to a 95% mass extinction
(the worst our planet has ever experienced. So let's all continue to argue the validity of the scientific findings and pick our poison.
Greed will win out and we all will lose.(Personally, I'm pulling for the ice age senario.) "corneal thickness"

ice age stop destroying our planet or leave..

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what cornealthickness said!!

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