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It's boring,it's stupid,people are boring and stupid,it's hot and not rainy,there are no parties here,there are no easy cheeks,mum made me eat so much and now I put on 20 kilos since I came back from London four months ago,booze is cheap but music's awfull,the horizon I missed but sea is stinky,friends are here but they don't get drunk,dancing clubs are busy with drunk people but they don't get to dance, mum again insists on ironing my clothes just when I'm 15minutes late to my date and need 20minutes to get there,daddy reduced my pocket money cause his job is going hungy,greek god is too much of a politician and that's really really bad though I'm an atheist,some army officers will call me to attend the millitary service,rubbish on the streets,bin TV,oh well....it seems I don't like that place eh? I think I might visit Madrit next.(this is the city where I was born and I can say whatever I want)

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It is a beautiful city mainly because it stretches along the waterfront and being in an immediate contact with the sea. On its north side it is surrounded by a pine forest. It is a very safe city for European standards with very outgoing and friendly people. It is one hour away from the golden sunny beaches of Halkidiki, probably the most beautiful place in the Mediterranean. The main problem of the city is the lack of a strictly organized urban planning, the heavy traffic and the parking problem, a consequence of the former. An under construction Metro expected to alleviate the above mentioned problems is due to be completed by the end of 2012. Most of the young people in Thessaloniki communicate fluently in English -unlike in most Mediterranean cities- and a great percentage of them has a university degree. It is a city worth visiting for its Roman and Byzantine monuments as well as for its vibrant, lively life-style (day and night) as well as for its people and the splendid nearby beaches. Recommended time of the year to visit: April,May,June,September,October. Thank you.
ps: It seems to me that the source of the anxiety and stress of the above "Thessalonikian" contributing his posting is more due to his perturbed relationship with his family and less due to Thessaloniki's role. I hope he could find the relief and refuge he wishes in the extra Catholic and bustling city of Madrid which is very much doubtfully a friendlier city.

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