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I am a longtime resident of Utah, the slightly less ridiculous (or so we tell ourselves) state to the south of Idaho. Even here people occasionally call our northerly neighbor's capitol "BOY-see", as indicated above, but residents of the city bristle when they hear it pronounced like that. They are quite adamant that their hometown is "BOY-zee", with a "z".

This is good information to know in case you're ever there and you want to impress the locals.

One more tidbit for your Idaho file: don't expect to find a decent potato anywhere in the state. The local groceries have the worst selection I've seen. Any potato above medium quality is promptly exported to more lucrative markets.


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Ooh! I am so sorry to contradict my obiously learned and well travelled colleague, however it is quiet apparent that you've been the brunt of some rather bad information.

As a Boise native I feel it my obligation to state that the capitol of Idaho is pronounced BOY-see. While there are several of the less cultured in our midst who would pronounce it as boy-ZEE, that is quite incorrect and readily marks the speaker as either an outsider or an uninformed televison personality.

In the matter of the potatoes, you are quite correct, the good stuff is shipped to more profitable markets and it is hard to find tubers of prime quality in the local supermarkets. If you are here on a Saturday, I'd suggest shopping at any of the local farmer's markets for the best selection.

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