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Never a fighter?

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

A top notch entry H smiley - biggrinsmiley - bubbly

Wasn't Steed's trade mark his 'steel' bowler, which he flung at the baddie like a frisbee, then put back on his head and tapped with a metallic sounding ::DONK::?

Never a fighter?

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He certainly was a fighter when he had to be. There is one where he ends up on an island with a group of people, all of whom are the best in their martial field. The bad guy defeats them all, except Steed who claims to be good at this and that. There was also one where Steed was faced with a room full of bad guys and was trapped by a closing door. By the time the door is open again Steed is the only one upright, immaculate as always. Its then that he taps his bowler on a pipe and it goes "DUNG"
Eee, I really must buy more of The Avengers.

Never a fighter?

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

There's a DVD collection available of every single Emma Peel episode smiley - bigeyes

Never a fighter?

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No, no, no, no, no, nooooooo! I have far too many TV DVDs coming my way as it is, if I start on the Avengers too I'll definately go bankrupt.

Munchkin, Robin of Sherwood, Season One due in the post today, Season Two and Farscape Box 3.3 in a week smiley - biggrin

Never a fighter?

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

I don't suppose the MVC-exclusive DVD box set of the new Avengers might tempt you either? Every episode, seven discs, less-than £50?

Oh, and the Linda Thorson ones have just been released too.

I should just get all my wages get paid to the DVD companies....

Never a fighter?

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and if for whatever reason you can't get your mitts on the MVC
set of New Avengers DVDs-fear not-the are on general release
on 30/09/02.

I will be replacing the shoddy vids realeased a few years ago-Too Many Episodes Per Video.

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