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About answering machine messages

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Not listening and constantly re dialling are fairly common. We have an answer phone for out of hours in work. Basically the message lists our opening hours, explains that we are closed and offers to let the person leave a message. We had some one ring in at about 2am leave a message and then proceed to call 3 more times and leave more messages about 3 minutes apart. The only difference between them was that the person got steadily more irate with each call. They finished by demanding a call back within a hour. The issue they were calling about was not important, we do not deal with anything that would necessitate an urgent call back in the middle of the night, and strangely they did not sound either drunk/high on the message. I have also had people repeat their issue more slowly even after I have explained that they have dialled a wrong number and are speaking to the wrong company and have offered to get them the correct number. smiley - wah

About answering machine messages

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Ti - I rarely manage to register greetings like that. Perhaps receptionists say them so much they babble, or perhaps it takes me 3 seconds to start paying attention, but all I hear is "Hello, this is Hoguhs Asdfhnlu, how can I help you?"

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About answering machine messages

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