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Ah, street cred flies out the window...

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No, I am not afraid to admit that 10 years ago, I DID have Boyzone posters on my wall.
Great article, shame about the subject. Maybe if I wasnt a great flaming Alternative Music fan, I wouldnt have got bored halfway through.

I have seen that "The Late Late Show" performance though.

What was Shane thinking? That crotch-grab was not PLEASANT!

Ah, street cred flies out the window...

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

That Late, late Show was... I blush for them just thinking of it. Little Stephen's performance just cried "Desperate for fame". smiley - smiley

Since I wrote this, I've learned that Mikey has been suffering from nervous exhaustion, which was why he cancelled a lot of his german promotional appearances. Let's hope he gets well soon, eh?


Ah, street cred flies out the window...

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Oh golly gosh, lets!

Second thoughts, once a pop star actually does some WORK for a change, instead of cheating people out of their money...maybe then I'll care...its a sad sad world, is the pop business...I'd hate to be the one writing the songs...

Ah, street cred flies out the window...

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random fat bird

Songs? Is that what Boyzone were warbling? Well I never!

*wanders away chuckling to herself*

Sorry... I just hate boybands and the rest of that pop'sick'le ilksmiley - smiley

Never mind, some people must be happy, as long as I don't have to listen to it *plugs earphones into minidisc player and wanders away humming along to the last garbage album*

Ah, street cred flies out the window...

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You following me? smiley - smiley

I was just reminiscing. 10 years ago, I was an innocent little 8 year old. I DIDNT KNW WHAT I WAS DOING. I only like Kylie now. But only for the Nick Cave song...and the vaguely creepy "Confide in Me"...

I shall not be rude about other peoples music obsessions...er, OPINIONS...except for that I think its a pile o'CACK!

Point made.

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