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Making it fun

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I remake my will quite regularly - to make sure that I always leave more money than I actually have to leave. That reminds me to go on living a bit longer to make sure I've got it.

It's worked for the last two years!

One of my best friends has left money in his will for five of us to fly his ashes out to the Carribean, throw them into the sea and spend a day at Disney World.

I want to earn as much money as he was earning when he made it!

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Making it fun

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a girl called Ben

Making my will has definitely changed my attitude to money - not much, but a bit. I am paying an extra tenner a month so that my mortgage is paid off when I die. This means that I will definitely be leaving something worth having to my niece and nephew, and at a tenner a month, it is worth it.

I suspect I will never be worth as much as I am at the moment I die, though.

Thanks for reading the entry.


Making it fun

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I don't think anyone ever is...

It's nice to write something for your funeral too... so people get a bit of you instead of just some anonymous person at the church or crem.

I'm having Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World' at mine.

I think I have too much Scorpio in my astrological chart!

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Making it fun

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Gordon Jones

It's incredibly morbid but I'm just starting university next September and yet I find this subject immensely interesting. What impact will I have on the world? I think I'd stipulate that the greatest inheritor had to see fit to raid the contents of my computer and publish its guts, warts and all. I even started writing my diary with an eye to an audience in 50 years time or more after I'm gone. Literary immortality. Anyway as I say 'Morbid', perhaps that's the result of too much scifi too young? In terms of the funeral I'd go for 'Knocking on heaven's door' by Bob Dylan and the speech from the end of the classic series of Doctor Who.

Choices for bodily disposal are:
* Eaten by great white sharks
* Turned into a diamond (via cremation) and passed down the generations as an heir loom
* Shot into a black hole

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