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Thats better.Dead TV sets swimming in the Atlantic Ocean drowning not swimming . And school journeys with Lord of the Fleas.Funfairs broke my heart--I was mugged by a clown. Took straight off down the road. He was making for the horizon on a Donkey--poor beast nearly drowned. Sad eh?. No funfairs are spectacular--distressed students from 1978 in Norwich forced into being ''helpers'' on the ghost train--a growing market methinks.They think Johnny Balls still on TV --which he should be .Like I mean you know like totally wow.......So many reasons Why?-Think of a Number.

Questions? So many Questions? Why are there so many questions?Why then is the ghost-train never ever late?. Why does the circus only impersonate dead parrots? I represent these people.The public want tat and Blackpool fair dos gives it them.HP sauce --conceptual football where you let the others play while you (ahem)played away,all coming back to me now. How to lose friends and intimidate others with your Atlas--not your Charles Atlas--with Neanderthals from planet Neanderthal kicking googleplex life-forms of Sand at you.

Get your double heads round this smell of donuts from Sharon in accounts stalked by a circus monkey burgers of sawdust ground down a group of Micheal Caine impersonators poncing around saying''excuse me madam'--if thats your baseball glove so be it . So there. Let it be.Margate Alton Towers all the same give you a ride and then tomorrow youre gone.Fun-fairs are fine for fun if thats your buzz buzzing round.And buzzing off the Mimes from goodness knows where you can pack it in or give it up blow it up or send it up but theres no denying all the fun razzle dazzle splish splash postcard-sending helter-skelter-bending life-ending fun son of the fair.......
where DID those TVs get to?.......

As Keanu said--wwwhhhoooaaa-again

reearcher 198080

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Theme-Night Parks

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