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Well, not exactly

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In modern military theory contrasting a weapon system with a like system (artillery with artillery, etc) is always considered a tactical failure. The idea is to either preempt your foe, by striking him while he is preparing for the blow, to dislocate your foe by cathcing him in terrain which is unfavorable to him. A capital necessity is of course the element of surprise. For example, knoing when and where the enemy intends to attack, you can move you forces just after the reconnaisance planes have flown, and just before the air and artillery strikes. You then try to catch your enemy's tanks in close terrain (woodland) and his troops in the plains. To this you first decide where you will hit him, for example in a forest, and then try to delay, via air attacks, his troop carriers, so as to making your enemy loose combined arms capacity.
This is a very short and badly written comment, for which I apologise. I'll try to write someting better when I have the time.

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Well, not exactly

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