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what is chess like

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i think that chess is boring somtimes i find it difficult and sometimes it is hard to win but

what is chess like

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I have found that people who find chess boring or difficult have never really sat down and played on a regular basis. I find the game quite interesting and I try to play at least one or two games per week. If I play online I play at the chess site located on yahoo.com. It allows players of varying strengths to play each other although lately I've discovered that there are some people who use computers to assist thier play which is somewhat discouraging for those of us who rely on our own knowledge and ability. You get the option of playing rated or non rated games, so feel free to check this site out.

what is chess like

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Stealth "Jack" Azathoth

The only time I ever seem to play chess these days in when I'm in the looney bin... *sigh*

I can't imagine why anyone would want to cheat at chess, how can there be any satisfaction in a victory that didn't come from ones own skills at statergy or when against an obviously less skill opponent a victory that didn't allow them to learn something new about the game.smiley - erm

smiley - peacedove

what is chess like

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you dont need a brain to play chess you need patience time and a board with black and white squares on it!!

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