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High Falls State Park, Georgia, USA

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High Falls State Park is just south of the city of Jackson. It is a beautiful park surrounding rolling falls on the Towaliga River. There is a 650-acre man-made lake at the top of the falls. The park has boat rentals, picnic shelters, swimming pools, and campgrounds available.

In the 1800s there was an industrial town here that was known as High Falls or High Shoals. There were several mills, shops and a hotel. Its peak population was about 200. The town was burned by Confederate troops during the Civil War (known locally as the War of Northern Aggression) to keep its supplies from falling into the hands of the Union troops. The town declined when the train bypassed it and went through Jackson instead. Some remnants of the 19th Century town are still standing.

There are several trails in the park that take you through the scenic woods along the river. The nature trail goes down the east bank and offers several views of the river from below the falls. The historical trail on the west bank is on top of the mill run. It leads to the remains of the grist mill.

For further information about the park, you can visit its website.

After the Falls

What is there to do after a day walking the trails? There are several restaurants nearby. There are two nice caf├ęs that overlook the picturesque falls. It looks as if the town of High Falls may be reborn as a vacation spot.

One restaurant to try is The Old Pizza Factory. It's a small restaurant in an old house just west of the park. Walking into the Old Pizza Factory is a bit like walking into someone's living room - it's very homey. They have board games laid out for visitors to amuse themselves while waiting for their food. There's also a playpen for the smallest pizza lovers.

They serve the usual Italian food like calzones, lasagne, spaghetti, and obviously pizza. The pizza is quite good. It isn't like most pizza you get at restaurants or from delivery places. It's more like homemade and it's a bit greasy. A good place to try.

You can dine in, take out or call them for delivery.

Driving Directions

Drive on I-75 to Exit 198. Turn east onto High Falls Road. The park is on both sides of the road about 2 miles north of the interstate.

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