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The most sleeping clothes ever

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The Dancing Tree

I remember a particularly harrowing experience two years back where I had a terrible fever. In addition to the 15tog quilt and thick blanket, I wore two t-shirts, a think wooly jumper, and a dressing gown. And I was still really really cold. Very scary.

The most sleeping clothes ever

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in the middle of winter i got a fever, and i was in bed with a t-shirt, two jumpers and a fleece, two duvet covers, two blanketts and 2 hot water bottles. I still shivered with cold, except for my left foot, which went all red and sweaty! smiley - sadface

The most sleeping clothes ever

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Your foot was probably fine...and now it has to seek counselling after such a harrowing experience.

The most sleeping clothes ever

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Lupa Mirabilis, Serious Inquisitor

I've been having serious problems with the warmth issue lately. You know how traditionally one goes to bed warm and wakes up cold (or at least that's the cliche as I've always heard it)? Well, I've been going to bed sort of cold, getting up after a couple of hours to put on warmer sleepwear and/or throw on an extra blanket, finally falling asleep--and then waking up the next morning, or sometimes in the middle of the night, to find myself sweating buckets. Does anyone else have this problem, or am I a freak?

The most sleeping clothes ever

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Annie the Great

I went to sleep recently on a cool night with a T-shirt nightie on, pulled the summer-weight quilt over me, dropped straight off to sleep, woke up once in the early morning hours for about 2 secs, cold and pulled the quilt back over me, and then woke up at 8:30, covered in sweat. So I know exactly what you mean.
Anniesmiley - smiley

The most sleeping clothes ever

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Lady Scott

I don't know your ages, but if you're 40+ females, they could just be hot flashes waking you up drenched in sweat after being cold when you went to bed.

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