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Black Velvet

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Geordie Al

There is some debate about what is in a Black Velvet. I was always told that the original Black Velvet is half a pint of Champagne and half a pint of Guinness. Since not that many people choose to waste their Guinness by adding champagne to it they have used cider.
As a former barman of some 7 years standing, leaning, slumping and eventually lying, I do know that whichever ingredients you choose, they are a bugger to make.
The secret is add the champagne or cider first. Stir it extremely well to remove the gas. Next, stir it some more, because Guinness is a lot more volatile than you think. Then, add the Guinness.
This technique can also be used for preparing a Guinness shandy, but most people find that clubbing the person who asked for one to unconciousness is preferable.

Black Velvet

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Yes. Guiness shandy. I good way of alienating bar staff as I found out personally when I was a lot younger. smiley - smiley

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