A Conversation for War and Protest - the US in Vietnam (1972-1975)

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Sho - employed again!

I've now read all of these and I just wanted to say that it was just the sort of thing I've been looking for for ages. Clear, concise, to the point... everything.


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I agree. Something I've ever searched √°bout this war, it's not like the Rambo-style movie, book or anything...

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David Conway

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Thank you, SrD, and I"m sorry it's taken me this long ro respond to you. I left h2g2 in a fit of anger before this series hit the front page and have only recently returned.

These entries actually started life as a simple entry about Operation Dewey Canyon III, so my emphasis was on the protest movement - the bits about the war itself were added as a backdrop, to put the anti-war movement into its proper context.


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Hi, I would like to ask some more about your entry, hoping that You have time for answer ...

1. I felt that the description of the war was rather a background. Could You send some info on resources about the War in Vietnam (www or conventional books/papers) ?

2. I've learnt that this war had a big influence not only in USA, but also in the whole Western and Eastern world. Don't You eventually know any books/essays that write about it? (For example the war's influence on the prestige and fame of US Armed Forces, US Politics)

3. I don't know much about the american literature after the WWII. I read only Kesey, the 2 Kerouacs, Steinbeck. Could You mention some of the writers which wrote about Vietnam or about US after Vietnam?

I would be very thankful, if You could help me. And if I can help You in anything, just write... (I know some about WWII, History of Europe (especially Hungary), and about continental law)

Thanx for the message,

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There are a few books by Vietnam veteran Tim O'Brien that might interest you, SrD. He wrote a collection of short stories or vignettes titled "The Things They Carried" (possibly non-fiction or based on real events?), as well as a somewhat surreal novel titled "Going After Cacciato." Both of them deal with the war in Vietnam.

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David Conway

For online resources, I'd suggest the following...


This site, run by Vassar University, offers a large number of links relating to the bothe the war and the country.


This one offers a veterans' perspective, and links to


which lists a large number of books written about the war.


May offer you a few leads on resources relating to the impact of the war on society.

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