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Umm....I think the oldest ever winner (so far) was the Driving Miss Daisy woman...

The youngest ever nominee was Justin Henry, nominated Best Supporting Actor for "Kramer vs. Kramer". He was about 9.

The youngest ever winner was Best Supporting Actress Tatum O'Neal for "Paper Moon".

Youngest ever recipient was Shirley Temple who was 6.

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

That would pesumably be 'youngest nominee who didn't win'?

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Demon Drawer

That would be what is assumed, I assume. I assume that Shirley Temple had been nominated before her win.

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No, I don't think she was, because it was an Honorary Award, the Juvenile Award (which they don't have any more) and I think she wasn't nominated, she just received it, hence the word "recipient". Justin Henry is the youngest nominee because he was actually nominated (but didn't win).

Ehrm hold on we are talking about Shirley Temple right?

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