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As I recall, the evidence and conjectures accumulated about Jack the Ripper are roughly:

1. He had some rudimentary knowledge of anatomy and could have been a butcher or an associate of doctors.
2. From the varying descriptions, he may well have adopted convincing disguises.
3. Judging by his activities, he had no respect or affection for women.
4. He was well acquainted with the alleys, byways and modes of life of a vary unsavoury part of London, where the principal occupation was crime.
5. Although the police seem to have accumulated a good deal of evidence, they did nothing with it, suggesting that they knew who The Ripper was but were protecting him because he was notable and/or had friends and protectors in the highest places.

Who can it have been but Sherlock Holmes?

A suspect

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Sherlock Holmes was a fictitional character. Try looking at a man named Roslyn (Robert) D`onston Stephenson.

Or go to www.jtrforums.co.uk

Best wishes.


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