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it has occured to me that there may have been more than one ripper. A gang of rippers would have found it easier to commit the crimes, as alibis could have been easily made. Some kind of religious cult could easily have carried out the killings, especially as many of the victims were heathen prostitutes. The mutilation of the bodies could also have been some kind of ritual. Unlikely, but possible.

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I recall reading somewhere that Jack was left-handed, and at that time, 2% of the population was left-handed. So a gang of Rippers would have had to have been very carefully chosen.

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Not such a stupid suggestion - there were 7/8 murders of prostitutes that year, 5 usually ascribed to 'Jack' but only 3 definitely by the same person. That said, serial killers work alone - usually (Fred and Rose West? The Moors Murderers?)

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